1.  Copyright

1.1  This application or website was invented by FROMLABS PTE. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “FromLabs”, “the company”, “Seek&Spot”, “InfoSpot”, “our”, “we”, “us”) and the company’s partners.

1.2  Any artwork in the context of this application or website is under copyright. All copyright violations will be prosecuted by the company and its partners. Please be aware that copyright violations may also be under penalty by criminal law and that every violation will be notified to the respective authorities.

1.3  Users may create and modify their individual instances and share them with other users within the scope of use of this application or website.


2.  Permissions   

2.1  This application or website needs access to the user’s location information. This information will also be saved on the company’s or its partners’ servers. The user agrees to share this information with the company, its partners and other users.

2.2  Every information the user transfers, enters or uploads (e. g. addresses, [nick] names, chat conversations, videos, voicemail, voice conversations, images, photos, etc.) by using this application will be temporarily or permanently saved on the company’s  servers for the purpose of use of this application.

2.3  Any artwork (e. g. images, videos, photos, etc.) uploaded by the user may be used for promotion purposes and in context of created games by other users.


3.  Miscellaneous

3.1  Installation and use of this application do not imply any continuity or guarantee of service.

3.2  The company is not responsible or liable for the loss or modification of user data or instance information/data.  

3.3  The application usage terms / terms of conditions may be changed at any time. In this case every user will be notified.

3.4  New versions of this application with changed or revised functionality (additional as well as reduced) may be released, and the old application may force an upgrade to a new version.